Supreme Transparency

Students for Life of America is an anti-abortion group dedicated to indoctrinating children and young adults with anti-choice extremism, and also pushes for laws to ban abortion. The organization has also opposed reauthorization of PEPFAR, a two-decades-old HIV/AIDS prevention initiative that has saved 25 million lives since its inception. Students for Life’s leader, Kristan Hawkins, has also expressed support for banning contraception.

Leonard Leo
Leonard Leo is an arch right-wing operative who has amassed a fortune through a web of dark money organizations he has used to radically transform the judiciary. Leo was Co-Chairman of the Board for Students for Life of America until at least August 2023, at which point his name was removed from the website. Only one “Co-Chairman” appears on the website as of February 2024. Leo tied groups have also funded Students for Life.



Leonard Leo