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Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a right-wing group whose top priorities include eliminating regulations that keep communities safe, defunding public education, propping up the carceral state, opposing environmental and human health protections, and separating families by repealing DACA. AFP is credited as one of the primary entities that bolstered the Tea Party movement.

Koch Network
Americans for Prosperity has been the “main political arm” of the Koch Brothers for four decades. AFP was initially launched by Charles Koch, the head of Koch Industries, as “Citizens for a Sound Economy” in 1984, and in 2004 the group was split into Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks. Koch Industries and the Koch nonprofits have given AFP and its related arms tens of millions of dollars, including $20 million from Koch Industries to AFP’s super PAC in the 2022 election cycle alone. Americans for Prosperity, which has operations in numerous states, is also an associate member of the Koch-linked State Policy Network.



Koch Network